Prudential Custodians are committed to providing fast, simple, and competitive financing for clients looking for an alternative to mainstream sources.

Our solutions are designed to suit the needs and objectives of clients most especially in unique situations where a more rapid and flexible approach is required. When urgency or the amount is a challenge for other large organisations, we are quick and experienced enough to find a financial fit and get the funding in place.

We take pride in offering premier customer service with honesty and integrity. Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced at appraising opportunities hence able to offer quality advice.

Simple. Smart. Fast.

Get access to more efficient financing today.

Our services

When great opportunities arise, they can’t wait. Whether it’s for a new investment or for funding business growth, Prudential Custodians can offer simple and cost-effective lending solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements. This includes:

Short Term Finance
Bridging Finance
Investment Property Finance
Commercial Finance
Construction / Development Finance
Plant / Equipment / Machinery Finance
Tax Debt Loans
Business Debt

Client had been expecting bank to settle on a small development site in greater Sydney. The borrower got to 10 days from settlement and realised the bank would not get to settlement on time. We had this matter settled in 7 days from first contact

Case 1

Client had ordered a equipment for his business, however his current funder required it delivered to site before funds would be released. We organised a small mortgage over a property the company owned, paid for the equipment and once delivered the client paid the facility out in full.

Case 2

Client was being pressured by current funder to sell a block of land the company owned. Refinance was done, client now had time. The property sold for an extra $200,000.00

Case 3

Our Projects Managed

A few of the projects currently under management by Prudential

North Sydney, NSW – Construction of two attached double storey dual occupancy homes. On completion value of this development is $7,500,000.00

North Sydney, NSW

Victorian Coast, VIC – Term loan to assist with purchase and future construction of residential subdivision.  Valued at $10,000,000.00

Victorian Coast, VIC

Inner west, NSW – Term loan land hold, prime commercial block with development approval for factory units. Valued at $2,000,000.00

Inner west, NSW

Melbourne, VIC – Construction of 7 x two storey townhouses. On Completion value of this development is $4,900,000.00

Melbourne, VIC

Northern Sydney, NSW – Loan to facilitate expansion of existing dwelling. Valued conservatively at $2,700,000.00

Northern Sydney, NSW

Northern Melbourne, VIC – Term loan to assist with holding of security whilst client arranges development for commercial renovation. Valued at $2,000,000.00

Northern Melbourne, VIC

Central Coast, NSW – Luxury new home with panoramic view. Valued at $5,000,000.00

Central Coast, NSW

Wollongong, NSW – Construction of 5 terraced, ecofriendly, two storey town houses with 7 start energy rating. Each home includes roof mounted solar panels, Tesla battery and systems to facilitate no ongoing energy costs and no owner’s corporation fees to occupants. On Completion value of this development is $2,800,000.00

Wollongong, NSW

Austral, NSW – Term loan to assist with purchase and holding of security whilst client arranges development approval for residential subdivision. Valued at $6,675,000.00

Austral, NSW

Streamlined Process

An effective, expert team ensures a smooth experience from enquiry to settlement as well as easier and fast approvals.

Solutions When Others Say No

We are able to offer lending solutions with more flexible terms.

Access to a Large Pool of Funds

Our large network of investor clients means we have a steady source of funds to meet quality deals.

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